Family Dinner Night Out With Shops of Southlake

If it’s been a while since the whole family’s gone out to enjoy a nice dinner together, then go ahead and mark your calendar to come on out to Shops of Southlake for a family dinner night out. Not only can you experience a spectacular meal, but you can also do a little shopping while you’re there.

Bonefish Grill

If fresh seafood is what you’re in the mood for, you can’t go wrong with Bonefish Grill. From Pecan Parmesan Crusted Rainbow Trout, Cobia Piccata & Shrimp and Wild Arctic Cod to Ahi Tuna Steak or Grilled Tilapia, there’s something for everyone! Just check out their menu and see for yourself! They also have a spectacular bar menu too! So if you’re wanting a mouthwatering seafood dinner and possibly an adult beverage, the Bonefish Grill is the place to go!

Howard Wang’s China Grill

And if authentic Chinese food is what you’re looking for, then come on out to Howard Wang’s China Grill. They offer a bright and beautiful indoor dining area and also a tranquil patio dining space as well. From egg roll appetizers to salads and wraps, vegetarian dishes and traditional favorites, Howard Wang’s will satisfy your taste buds if you’re craving a fantastic Chinese style meal. Their menu includes signature plates and classic dishes. If you haven’t had the pleasure of dining at Howard Wang’s then make them your choice for your next family dinner night out; you won’t be disappointed.


And after dinner, if you’re wanting to try an extra dessert, stop by Yogurtland for some delicious and fresh frozen yogurt. They’ve got just about every single flavor you can imagine and an endless choice of toppings. So if you don’t have room in your stomach after that big dinner, stop by Yogurtland and get some to take home for later!

We look forward to seeing you at your next family dinner night out and please make sure to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

Shops of Southlake is offered by Weitzman. Weitzman is one of the leading commercial real estate companies in North Texas. Weitzman offers a full range of Commercial Real Estate services including Project RepresentationTenant Representation and Investment Sales and, is also a leading Asset Management and Development Services Commercial Real Estate firm.

Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

Yogurtland Southlake: Best Frozen Yogurt Mixes

Okay, let’s be real for a second, who doesn’t love frozen yogurt!? Not only is it just as sweet as regular ice cream, but it’s also lighter, healthier and more refreshing! (Though we also love ice cream.) Just like ice cream, frozen yogurt is good by itself, but combining flavors is the only way to truly experience Yogurtland Southlake at the Shops of Southlake. Here are the frozen yogurt combinations that we think are the best.

Fresh Strawberry & Dutch Chocolate
Everyone loves chocolate covered strawberries! Now what if you could get that same great flavor but in frozen yogurt? Well by pairing the Fresh Strawberry yogurt with the Dutch Chocolate yogurt, you can indulge in the wonderful taste of chocolate-covered strawberries all the time! As if this wouldn’t be indulgent enough, you can also use some great toppings to bring it over the top.

Salted Caramel Pecan & Cheesecake
Cheesecake frozen yogurt is pretty tasty, but it sometimes can lack in flavor. However, when you mix it with the Salted Caramel Pecan frozen yogurt, then your cheesecake flavors are transformed and delightfully partner up with the buttery rich caramel flavor. There will also be the excellent little hint of salt and real pecans, which will have your mouth-watering at just the thought of this amazing frozen yogurt combo. It’ll be so good you may not even want any toppings!

Toasted Coconut & Iced Coffee
Have you ever had your coffee with coconut milk? If so, then imagine that but a richer, nuttier flavor! Mixing Yogurtland Southlake’s Toasted Coconut yogurt with their Iced Coffee yogurt will surely be delicious.

With all the different flavors of frozen yogurt at Yogurtland Southlake, every guest has the ability to make their own unique frozen yogurt and take it a step further with a wide array of great toppings.

Shops of Southlake is offered by Weitzman. Weitzman is one of the leading commercial real estate companies in North Texas. Weitzman offers a full range of Commercial Real Estate services including Project Representation, Tenant Representation and Investment Sales and, is also a leading Asset Management and Development Services Commercial Real Estate firm.

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