Spring Cleaning Tips with Calico Home Southlake

Winter is well and truly over, Spring is here, and we all know what that means; Spring Cleaning! Deep cleaning is essential to remove all the Winter build up and prepare for a fresh Summer. Here are 3 Spring Cleaning Tips brought to you by Calico Home Southlake!

Clean Your Refrigerator 

Cleaning your refrigerator is so important during a Spring deep clean. Make sure you clean all of the drawers, trays, and sides of the refrigerator. TIP: Use a combination of salt and soda water as the bubbling action removes any nasties left behind from Winter.

Don’t forget your ceiling fan blades

Have you ever looked at the blades of your ceiling fan? This probably won’t be a fun experience, but it’s a necessity to remove excessive build up of dust. TIP: Once the blades have been wiped clean, lightly buff them with a coat of furniture polish.

Air out your blankets, sheets, and pillow cases

Although your blankets, sheets, and pillow cases are washed regularly (we hope?), it’s essential to also air them out during Spring just to get that extra bit of freshness in the house. Hang them up on your clothes line for the day and voila! Fresh everything.

A deep Spring clean also means an interior Summer upgrade! Brighten up your house this Summer and find the decor of your dreams with Calico Home Southlake.

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