Tenant Spotlight: Sleep Number Southlake

Are you tired of waking up feeling even more tired than when you went to sleep? Do you have sores from sleeping uncomfortably on that mattress you’ve had for as long as you can remember? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, we’ve got your end all solution to old mattress discomfort. Sleep Number located in the Shops of Southlake is the best way to completely reinvent the way that you sleep. Here are some of our favorite reasons to shop at Sleep Number Southlake.

Mattresses Designed for Restful Sleep

With more options for sleep optimization than the sandman himself, Sleep Number Southlake has got you covered on the perfect new mattress. Every single on of their beds is designed specifically so that you can adjust the firmness, comfort and support on each side. With their Sleep IQ rating system, it is easier than ever to find a bed that matches the comfort level you are seeking. Some of their beds even let you adjust the temperature on each side of the bed, just in case your partner likes it a bit warmer than you.

More Than Just Mattresses  

Not only does Sleep Number Southlake provide you with customized comfort on your mattress, but they also offer options for bedding, pillows and much more. Their bedding is designed for optimal comfort and is fitted directly to the Sleep Number mattresses. There is even an option to create your perfect comforter that lets you adjust size, warmth and fill. To go along with your brand new mattress, Sleep Number Southlake offers options to buy beds and different kinds of bedroom furniture. They even have great options that will satisfy both parents and children, such as comfortable beds that grow along with the child so that you aren’t constantly replacing beds.

Sleep Number is the best solution for optimized sleeping patterns. No longer will you lay awake at night tossing and turning, only to count the hours you have left until you need to be awake. When you come to pick out your new mattress you can even shop for groceries at Central Market, pick up treats for your dog at Three Dog Bakery, and have lunch at Howard Wangs. Want to learn more about how to make a day out of mattress shopping at the Shops of Southlake? Visit our blog today!

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