DIY Halloween Trampoline Costumes: Springfree Trampoline

Do you love Halloween as much as we do? Halloween is almost here and this season offers a chance to get creative with decorative projects around the house. Besides the obvious, why not go above and beyond by making a decoration out of your Springfree trampoline. Here are some of our ideas that you can use this Halloween.

Trampoline Ghost

  • 2 large white flat sheets
  • 1 package white pipe cleaners
  • Black duct tape
  • Scissors
  1. Take a corner of the sheet and bunch together about 1 inch of fabric. Twist the center of the pipe cleaner around it
  2. Thread the pipe cleaner through the enclosure net, around the enclosure rod to the right of the trampoline door, and twist to secure.
  3. Repeat Step 1 & 2 above each enclosure rod
  4. Using the 2nd sheet complete steps 1-3 moving right around the trampoline
  5. Take the bottom corners of the sheets, bunch together about 1 inch of fabric and twist the center of the pipe cleaner around it.
  6. Pull the sheet tight and wrap the pipe cleaner around the frame of the trampoline.
  7. Using the black duct tape create a ghost face and stick it to the white sheet. Be sure to press firmly to make sure it is stuck. Also for a cool affect at night place a lamp in the center of the trampoline so your ghost will glow!

Make it a creative night with pumpkin pals

  • Foam pumpkins
  • Pumpkin carving kits
  • Pumpkin decorating kits
  • All-purpose glue

Make some festive pumpkin pals to join inside your tent with you. For a reasonable place, go to your local value store and purchase foam pumpkins. To give these pals a little more personality purchase materials decorating kits. Allow your imagination to go free with all the possible characters you and your family can make.

Make some wings to fly around with

  • 1 1/2 yard black fabric
  • 6 inches of 1/8 inch elastic (any color)
  • Headband
  • Thick black fabric
  • Hot glue
  1. Fold 2 yards of black fabric in half and cut inverted scallops on the diagonal
  2. Cut 2 (3-inch) sections of elastic and loop them
  3. Sew each loop onto the ends of the bat wings using a straight stitch and go back and forth a few times to secure it

Check out some more decoration ideas here!

We hope you enjoyed some of the spooky ideas to use this Halloween. Whether you choose some of our ideas or come up with your own have fun this festival season.

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Photo Source: Springfree Trampoline